Thursday, 9 January 2014

A Mixed Bunch

Finally, after all the pondering, planning and preparing, I've just completed my first day working at a winery!  Although working is a loose term in this instance, as today was the first of 7 days of inductions for the Vintage 2014 crew, comprising 14 casual staff.

I had been wondering what the demographic of people taking vintage roles would be like, and - as expected - it's definitely a mixed bunch:  Italy, Chile, America, Germany, New Zealand and Australia are all represented.

Experience levels are also highly variable, much to my relief.  There are 2 couples who have no experience and are working for travel money, 3 back for a second vintage (a good sign, I hope), some currently studying viticulture or oenology and some seasoned vintage cellarhands,
...and me - no experience but interested in making a career out of it, not just money.

It will be very interesting to observe how everyone goes over the 3 months of work.  There are a few people who don't sound particularly overjoyed about working 12 hour days and/or working night shifts,  hopefully they will become accustomed to shift work fairly quickly.  I'm banking on managing fairly well from this perspective, as it's nothing new based upon my past work rosters.

The site that greeted me upon entering the winery grounds.
Tomorrow will present a new challenge - cycling the 20km to work.  I will be allowing some extra time, just to make sure I have not overestimated by cycling ability and speed.  So, fingers crossed I will keep myself on my bike and in one piece for my next post.