Friday, 17 January 2014

Laissez Faire and Lasagne

According to the Oxford dictionary, laissez faire means:  leaving things to their own course, without interfering.  This is exactly how Larry Cherubino's Laissez Faire Syrah is created - with minimal intervention. Having purchased a case of Larry's wine during a wine tasting last year, I was excited to see how well I had chosen.

I was definitely not disappointed. Initially when opened, the wine had quite a musty smell (although this could have been some lingering hints from cleaning wine tanks all day at work). After decanting and airing the wine, however, it was a different story; my nose was infused with a beautiful baked cherry and plum pie smell - it felt like I could just eat it!

We had the wine with home made lasagne and salad and it really was a perfect complement.  I would recommend everyone to try this beautifully simple but stylish wine with any Italian dish you feel like enjoying.