Monday, 13 January 2014

Vintage Forecast

Every year, the start date for vintage creeps just a little earlier in January.  Whereas traditionally, Swan Valley vintage season started after the Australia Day long weekend, the region's wineries are now seeing their first batch come through in the week leading up to Australia Day.  (Don't worry, I'm not going to get into a discussion on Global Warming, it's not my favourite topic)

For 2013, the Swan Valley experienced quite a wet spring, with approximately 150mm of rain.  This fact is very pertinent to me, as I spent most of August and September panicking about all the rain in the leadup to my September 27th Wedding (which turned out to be a beautiful sunny day, mind you).  
So far, summer has been relatively mild in Swan Valley terms, with January (to date) only having a few days nudging the 40 degree mark.  

Due to these conditions, is looks like verdelho and chardonnay grapes will start arriving at the winery in the week leading up to Australia Day, followed by chenin about a week later.  In general, the white wines are processed before the reds.

Based upon the season that has been, local winemakers are predicting 2014 to be a cracker of a vintage - here's to hoping they are on the mark!