Saturday, 25 January 2014

War Wounds

I have made it through my first week of Vintage 2014!  It has been an amazing experience and an exponential learning curve.  

Most of this week, there have been three of us getting trained by one of the permanent cellar hands in preparation for starting up the yeast area next week.  This has been great, as we have had the opportunity to undertake a number of other jobs in the winery that are not necessarily part of the Vintage proceedings (more to come on these tasks in following posts).  As such, I believe that I will be more versatile around the cellar, having learnt many tasks, rather than simply working on one piece of equipment continuously.

Although I have enjoyed almost every minute of the cellar work, I must admit that my body has not been too appreciative of the adjustment in schedule and exertion.  Here is a rough outline of my average work day routine:  

04:00 wake up
04:15 cycle to work (22km)
05:20 arrive at work (shower, etc.)
05:40 quick coffee
05:50 clock in and handover with nightshift
06:00 work begins
10:00 smoko break (15min)
14:00 lunch break (30min)
17:50 nightshift arrives for handover
18:00 finish work
18:10 cycle to train station (6.6km)
18:45 catch train
19:05 cycle home from station (3.5km)
19:20 arrive home
20:30 bed time

This daily schedule alone accounts for how sore I have been when getting out of bed each morning.  Adding to the muscular discomfort and bruising are the repetitive actions of: going up and down stairs, carrying hoses, dragging pumps, shovelling, carrying equipment and chemical containers, etc.

I have also managed to obtain some minor injuries, whilst learning 'what not to do'.  Referring to the pictures of my 'war wounds' below, I have learnt:

1. To avoid getting wet feet (resulting in raw, blistered toes)
2. Not to spill caustic acid on myself (resulting in ugly rash)
3. Not to carry hoses near the metal rim (resulting in gash on arm)

Don't get me wrong, I'm really enjoying such physical work, it's a great change in pace and an achievable challenge.  I am quite confident that my body will adjust to the work over the next few weeks, and at least it is saving me on a gym membership!