Tuesday, 11 February 2014

Peaks and Troughs

After a ridiculously hectic third week of vintage with very little time for a a bite to eat in each 12 hour shift, I have found myself at a whole different pace coming into week four of vintage. Sadly, a significant quantity of white grapes had to be left on the vines, and so the pace has dropped to the point where we have reverted to 3 groups of 8 hour shifts. 

I have been designated the 2pm to 10pm shift; probably not my shift of choice as I am more of a morning person, but much more preferable than the 10pm to 6am shift! It's a strange feeling only working 8 hours after becoming accustomed to a 12 hour slog. (Also not great on the purse strings).

Now that many of the ferments are well underway, a few additional tasks have made their way into my daily work allocations. These include chilling ferments that are getting too warm by pumping them through a heat exchanger (chiller) and also adding some extra nutrients to tanks where the yeast may be struggling a little. Both tasks require lots of enjoyable trips up to the roof, but at least it is a nice view from up there!

my attempt at a panoramic view from the cellar rooftop