Saturday, 1 February 2014

Pizza Pairing

If you have not tried using a pizza stone on your BBQ, you are missing out.  It is such a simple and easy way to make wood-fired style pizza!  Ok, I do admit it is not exactly the same as eating pizza in Naples or Rome, but it comes seriously close and is also very quick and easy.

A few nights ago, I was spoilt to arrive home weary from a 12 hour shift in the cellar to find my husband in the process of preparing a chorizo, paprika potato, capsicum, basil and onion pizza.  Usually we prefer to follow the Italian philosophy of minimising ingredients and maximising taste, but in this case, I feel that the number of ingredients was warranted.  It was like combining all our favourite tapas ingredients in one delightfully spicy, crunchy and filling mouthful.

Of course, we had to find a good Italian style wine to accompany the pizza goodness and Hay Shed Hill 2009 Sangiovese proved a fine match.  Sangiovese is not very common in Australia, despite the fact that it flourishes in a central to southern mediterranean climate.  The name derives from the Latin phrase sanguis Jovis, which means 'the blood of Jove' (Jove is another name for Jupiter, king of the Ancient Roman gods). 

The most common use for the Sangiovese grape is as the main constituent of the famous Italian wine blend Chianti.  Sangiovese wines are not particularly strong so they definitely work best with food.  Hay Shed Hill have done a pretty good job with their version of this Italian classic:  I could taste the earthy, savoury profile typical of a Sangiovese and it really brought out the meaty chorizo and spicy paprika flavours in the pizza.  I think Jove himself would have enjoyed this meal! 

sangiovese and pizza - a match fit for the gods