Monday, 10 February 2014

Pumps with Personality

There are many portable pumps at the winery - big and small, slow and fast, reliable and rattling. The pump selected for a job depends on a number of factors: 
  • tank size - from 5,000L right up to 100,000L
  • distance to be pumped - can be up to a few 100m
  • type of job - inoculating grape juice, racking, transferring wine for transport, etc.
  • type of material - can be juice, finished wine, sanitising chemicals, etc
Someone with a good sense of humour (or a little too much time on their hands) has named and labelled each pump based upon its particular 'personality' (ie. looks and performance).  I have enjoyed discovering the names and quirks of each pump in the cellar, so I thought it was worth sharing what I guess you could call a cellarhand's sense of humour.

The Fat Lady


Big Bertha

The Hog

Flat Stick

Most of the pictures above are self-explanatory in regards to how the pump was named, but I think it is worth explaining my favourite one below (actually the one we use very regularly in the yeast area).  The reason for the name is that it goes both ways!

David Bowie