Sunday, 23 March 2014

Crickets and Cava

Yesterday, I said a final farewell to many of the 2014 Vintage crew at Beaufort St's el Publico bar.  This mexican gem is an institute in the Beaufort St bar scene and I have never had a bad experience here.  Upon arrival, I was excited to learn that crickets were on the menu.

Being one who enjoys trying new things, I quickly ordered a serving (before I could chicken out), and the crunchy little critters promptly arrived at the table.  To be on the safe side, I also ordered a glass of Cava which I was certain would wash them down well, no matter the taste.  Cava is a Spanish sparkling wine produced in the Catalonia region and is Spain's answer to French Champagne and Italian Prosecco.

crickets were on the menu at el Publico
The verdict?  Initially crunch and saltiness dominate, then this is followed by a small mouthful of meaty chewiness. I found the experience similar to eating a well fried prawn head, but with a lessened danger of sharps (cricket shells are relatively soft).  The crickets went well with the cava and I actually think they make a great bar snack.

cava was a good chaser for my first ever cricket!