Tuesday, 18 March 2014


As the intake of white grapes draws to a close for the season, the requirement for casual cellar hands starts to drop off.  Sadly, this means that some people are finishing up their vintage employment to move on to new and exciting things.

For some, this signals a return to university and ongoing study, whilst others are leaving to spend their hard-earned money travelling to exotic locations.  This leaves 7 of the casual staff at the start of week 9 of vintage, with 3 of these in their last week.  It's starting to feel almost like a season of Survivor!

It is sad to see my workmates and new-found friends leaving.  On shift you spend so much time with people, it feels like you have known each other much longer than just over 2 months!

I have definitely enjoyed working with everyone. At a farewell BBQ hosted by the company last Friday to say thankyou to those who were leaving, the winemakers and permanent cellar hands commented that everyone working the 2014 vintage worked together exceptionally well with very little hassle.

Outside of work, I was also lucky enough to spend some time hanging out with most of the crew. I have been privileged to glimpse a snapshot of the global language of wine, seeing how those from other wine industries around the world have quickly integrated into the Western Australian wine industry. 

Of course, meeting all these amazing people from multiple continents has reinvigorated the travel bug within me.  Now I just need to find an excuse to go and visit!