Friday, 21 March 2014

Red Gold

Part 2

Yesterday was the official launch of the winery's premium red, which is only released in years when there is an excellent harvest. It is produced primarily from grapes of a single row in a single vineyard.

To mark the event, a lunch and tasting were held at the winery, attended by various media, wine critics and sommeliers. Unfortunately, vintage staff were not in attendance, we were busy working away in the cellar.

I definitely felt lucky to be on evening shift this week, because once the day was over, there were plenty of half finished bottles of back vintages of all the best red and white wines.  The winemaker on shift was kind enough to let us have a quick sample of whatever we liked.

I have always wanted to do a vertical tasting of some good wines.  A vertical tasting basically means tasting the same wine type from the same producer over a series of vintages to allow comparison.   The experience was even better than I could have asked for, with some wines dating back as far as 1994.

I was in wine heaven!