Saturday, 15 March 2014

Whipped Cream

When working 12 hour night shifts, you can always expect there to be a few strange occurrences that just simply would not occur during normal working hours.  It is also very easy to see things in a different light when your natural circadian rhythm has been turned on its head.  

sometimes coffee is the only solution
So, when I walked into the yeast culturing area at about 2am on a back shift and saw a carton of whipped cream sitting on my work bench, I was more intrigued than surprised.

My first response was to laugh, then to crave a nice iced coffee and then finally to seek an answer to the question:  what on earth does whipped cream have to do with making wine?

Turns out, whipped cream can be used as an antidote to control a ferment that does not want to behave itself.  In this case, there was a job underway to transfer some fermenting chardonnay from a stainless steel tank into oak barrels and, despite the delicate pumping operation in place, the yeast were getting too excited, causing excessive froth.  A small dash of whipped cream assists in breaking down the froth and preventing the subsequent loss of good quality wine.

When in strife, add whipped cream!