Friday, 11 April 2014

30 Wines in 30 Days - DAY 10

Lalla Rookh has a reputation for being one of the more adventurous wine bars in Perth.  As I was in the CBD yesterday, I thought it was a good excuse to drop in to their Wine Store, out the back of the main bar facility.  

Being a little peckish, I quickly scanned the menu and my eyes were drawn to the beef bone marrow dish.  I figured a matching wine would require a bit of 'bite' to cut through the rich, creamy/meaty texture of the marrow, but I really was not sure whether to lean to white or red.  Furthermore, there were a few wines by the glass that I had never heard of before.  In this situation, time to put pride aside and ask the sommelier. 

The helpful Sommelier agreed that there was an appropriate white and red option, however I was intrigued by the Italian red he pointed out which was called Elisabetta Foradori Vigneti Delle Dolomiti. This wine is made from the native Italian Teroldego grape variety.  When I conducted some further research, I discovered that Elisabetta Foradori has been lauded as "Italy's finest producer of wines made from the Teroldego grape" (Polaner Selections).  The grape is related to Shiraz and is grown in the northern Trentino region.  

This wine was the darkest wine I have ever seen, having an illusion of being highly viscous and with a purple rim.  The smell was similar to the famed Nebbiolo 'tar and roses' aroma, despite the fact that the wine is still relatively young (2011).  My first taste impression was a sweet/sour cherry burst underlined by licorice or aniseed and a hint of inkiness.  I have to say, this is definitely my favourite wine of April to date, perhaps partly due to the novelty of discovering a new grape variety.

beef bone marrow was a perfect match with my Teroldego
Moral of the story?  If in doubt, always ask the Sommelier.  This is what they are paid for and they should have tasted every wine on the list (at least those offered by the glass), so it is worth getting their opinion, even if you decide to be stubborn once you have heard their suggestion.  It is quite possible you could end up discovering a new grape variety or food match that you would never have tried without a little coercion.