Wednesday, 16 April 2014

30 Wines in 30 Days - DAY 14

Yesterday, I embarked upon the long trip from Perth back to my home town of Toowoomba in South Eastern Queensland.  After a sleep-deprived night on the plane, followed by trains and buses, I was delighted to find that my sister was cooking up a lovely, homely Beef Bourguignon for dinner. 

Such a traditional dinner called for a red wine that could stand up to the rich, meaty flavours.  To keep everyone happy, I selected an old classic:  Wirra Wirra Church Block.  2012 is the 40th vintage of this well-recognised Australian wine, and in my opinion, it is still as reliable a drop as ever.  

My first impression of the wine was of rich chocolate/mocha aromas and ripe plums.  The tannins were bold and structured and the fruity acidity did well to cut through the fatty/meaty aspects of the dish.  Sometimes, it is so nice to revisit an old favourite!