Saturday, 19 April 2014

30 Wines in 30 Days - DAY 17

preparing for a toast
On my mother's side, my family background is Italian.  In December of 2010, I accompanied my parents and my five siblings on a trip to Italy to learn about our heritage.  My mother's family name was Bazzo and her ancestors were from a small farming town called Codogne, which is situated in the Veneto region of Italy.  We visited the area for a week, and during this time, I fell in love with the wine that is synonymous with this region: Prosecco.

King Valley Prosecco
It is now somewhat of a tradition that we drink Prosecco as a celebratory drink at home on special occasions.  So, when all of my family arrived home yesterday afternoon for Easter, it was time to pop some prosecco.  By chance, I stumbled upon a bottle of Carpene Malvolti Cuvee Oro that my sister had purchased during our 2010 trip from the cellar door.  We also had a Santaro Prosecco from the King Valley close at hand, so it was a good opportunity to make a comparison.

First off the mark was the Cuvee Oro.  Generally, prosecco should be consumed within three years of bottling and this one, having being bought in 2010, was probably nearing the end of its ideal life span.  There was quite a yellow colour to the wine and the bubbles were more sparse than I am used to.  However, the aromas and flavours were quite enjoyable; tropical fruits such as pineapple, peach and passionfruit abounded.

Looking back, we probably should have started off with the Santaro Prosecco: being younger, it was fresh, vibrant and full of sparkling zest.  Green apple was the stand out aroma and the style was uncomplicated, perfect for an aperitif or celebratory toast.

If you have never tried Prosecco as a fresh and inexpensive alternative to Champagne, I would strongly recommend having a dabble.  Most bottle shops stock at least a few versions, both from Australia and Italy.