Thursday, 3 April 2014

30 Wines in 30 Days - DAY 2

After all that red wine at the Cabernet tasting, it was definitely necessary to mix it up with a white on Day 2 of my epic wine month of April.

I chose one from a winery that is close to my heart:  Hentley Farm.  This was one of the first wineries I ever visited in the beautiful Barossa with my husband a few years ago.  We were so impressed with what was then a fairly new establishment - the cellar door staff were infectiously enthusiastic and the range of wines was stunning (and well-priced).  We actually went back two days later and did a second tasting!

Hentley Farm is located in Eden Valley, which vies with Clare Valley for producing the best Riesling in South Australia, if not all of Australia (although the latter could be debated, as the Great Western region could also stake a claim here).  2012 was a very good year for Riesling in both these regions, so I have a few Hentley Farm 2012 Rieslings stocked up in my wine fridge.  They have the potential to age for up to 20 years (if they last that long)!
The wine was pale gold in colour, with a very slight briny smell.  My tongue picked up a hint of mineral spritz and the wine finished with clean and sharp acidity (just what I like in a young Riesling).  It was a perfect match with my pan-seared yellowfin tuna and salad.