Tuesday, 22 April 2014

30 Wines in 30 Days - DAY 21

Most of the wines purchased on my recent trip to the Margaret River region have been safely stashed away in the wine fridge.  However, there were one or two sneaky back-vintage purchases thrown in between these so that there was something that could be enjoyed in the meantime.  

One of these was from Pierro winery.  Recently, whilst conducting a stocktake and clean out of their cellars, they found some 2001 Shiraz from the Fire Gully property in Wilyabrup that had been laid away and forgotten.  Despite the label claiming the wine would start to be at its best in 2003 and for a further four years after this, it was still holding its own a further seven years later!

After decanting the wine and leaving it for a few hours, we sat down to a meal of penne arrabiata.  The smooth mocha notes of the wine, with its gritty, earthy tannins made for an enjoyable pasta meal.  I savoured this aged wine, which still held some dark berry characteristics, but would suggest that it won't last much longer before all the fruitiness has disappeared.

home made penne arrabiata with 2001 Fire Gully Shiraz