Sunday, 27 April 2014

30 Wines in 30 Days - DAY 25

Italian food and red wine. Just saying it sounds comforting. And that was just what was needed after being stuck in one room for an entire day, dive trip cancelled, due to the unexpected deluge that hit Exmouth on Saturday.

Luckily, we had managed to secure a car, so we had a means to get to the Italian restaurant without swimming!

As Pinnochio's is BYO, we brought along a bottle of Upper Reach 2005 Reserve Shiraz, which we had been saving for a special occasion. Our wedding was at Upper Reach, so their wines have a special way of bringing back fond memories.

As the wine was opened, I could just smell the opulent plum aromas wafting out. Drinking it was like coating your tongue in a silky smooth layer of melted chocolate. But then there was also a subtle pepperiness that lingered on to complement our delicious meal. 

HUGE Foccacia Bianca
I wouldn't always choose a Shiraz to accompany Italian food, but in this case it worked well with our Foccacia Bianca entre and Maccharoni mains, primarily due to its age, meaning that it had spent time mellowing out somewhat.