Monday, 28 April 2014

30 Wines in 30 Days - DAY 26

The day after the deluge in Exmouth, there were clear blue skies but damaged, flooded roads. We had booked accommodation in Coral Bay for the next few days, but could not drive there, as the roads were flooded. We were stranded!

Luckily, we managed to find some alternative accommodation and made the most of the situation by heading up to Vlamingh Headland to watch the sunset. 

We enjoyed the stunning 360 degree views with a bottle of Stefano Lubiana Pinot Gris 2012.

Stefano Lubiana is one of my favourite Tasmanian wineries. I had previously enjoyed their Pinot Grigio, however in 2012 they decided upon a style that was more similar to the French Pinot Gris, hence the name change. This didn't bother me at all - the wine was crunchy and delightful. I just loved the royal gala apple scent and the golden, almost olive-oil colour. As the wine washed through my mouth there was that hint of greasiness that draws me to this style of wine, and this was well balanced by some crisp acidity. Yum.