Friday, 4 April 2014

30 Wines in 30 Days - DAY 3

What a way to spend my lunch time yesterday - absolutely idyllic!
The location?  A hip new restaurant at Leighton Beach called Bib Tucker.  I was out on a bike ride and thought I would drop in to see what they had on offer.

Unfortunately, I was not particularly impressed by their wine list, as it had a very limited selection of wines by the glass and these were dominated by various Sauvignon Blanc options.  On the other hand, the lunch and tapas menus were making me drool and I eventually settled on the fish tacos (well priced at $15).

To accompany my tacos, I selected a glass of the Swings and Roundabouts 2013 Rose from Margaret River.  It was a very vivid colour that I guess could be described as either peach or even salmon.  The stone fruit option definitely came out in the aromas of the wine and this, along with a hint of sweetness, was offset well by a crisp line of acidity.  This is definitely a perfect wine for a lazy picnic lunch at the beach.

Swings and Roudabouts 2013 Rose