Thursday, 8 May 2014

30 Wines in 30 Days - DAY 30

A sleepless night of plane travel was not enough to dampen my excitement to catch up with some old friends in Townsville (where I previously lived).  It was fitting to share my last wine for the 30 day challenge whilst we recounted the past few years and what everyone had been doing with themselves.

The majority of the group had chosen steak meals for dinner, so I selected the Philip Shaw 'The Idiot' Shiraz 2012 (despite the name being slightly off-putting).  This wine is from the Koomooloo Vineyard in the Orange region of New South Wales.  

I was well aware that this is a cool-climate region, but was interested to learn that "less than 1% of Australian vineyards are above 600m and Koomooloo is one of the highest vineyards in Australia at 900m" (excerpt from the Philip Shaw website).

The wine tasted quite young with plenty of ripe fruit flavours but a slightly 'sappy' acidity.  I can imagine that it will develop more depth with age, and I would be interested to try it in a few years time.  That being said, there was good length and some spiciness to the red.  As cool-climate wines are starting to come into vogue, I have no doubt I will encounter more of this style of Australian Shiraz as I continue on my wine tasting journey.

Beautiful Magnetic Island off Townsville