Monday, 19 May 2014

Perfect Pinchos

I am fully aware that I am definitely not the first person to write about Pinchos at Leederville.  But having visited this cute little Spanish bar for a second time, I just had to give it the dues it deserves.  

For those who have not had the joy of visiting Spain, or delighting in authentic Spanish food, you may not be familiar with pinchos.  They are different to tapas in that they are designed to be small and bite-sized, and were traditionally pierced with a stick to hold a morsel of goodness to a piece of bread ('pinchar' is the Spanish verb 'to pierce').

One of my favourite aspects of the particular pinchos bar I am writing about is their ordering system.  When you sit down, you are provided with a tear-off copy of the menu and a pen, so you can fill in your own order of food and drink, complete with quantities required.

On this particular occasion, I was at Pinchos with a friend of mine who had never been there before.  Her delight at the quaint location, delicious morsels and refreshing wines was contagious!

For me, the primary goal in my ordering was to learn something new about Spanish wine.  To my delight, there were two white grape varieties on the menu of which I was relatively unfamiliar.  First was a Macabeo, which I have only encountered as a constituent of Spanish Cava, rather than as a stand-alone wine.

This particular example, the Castano Dominio Espinal Blanco Macabeo 2012, D.O. Yecla was crisp and refreshing, not unlike a Sauvignon Blanc, but with a satisfyingly spicy finish, and no 'tinny' flavour.  We enjoyed this wine with Boquerones (marinated white anchovies) which were absolutely divine.  The halved red globe grapes and hints of spanish onion really complemented the gorgeous little fish.

Macabeo with Boquerones
Apart from this, we ordered a selection of smaller, bit-sized pinchos:
  • Pintxos Jamon - ham, tomato, blue cheese, fig/onion jam.
  • Pintxos Chorizo con Miel - sausage, honey and cheese
  • Almendras - smoked almonds
As these items were on the richer end of the scale, I selected the Menade Organic Verdejo 2012, D.O. Rueda as an accompanying wine.  This was a light, golden-coloured wine with peaches and cream wafting out of the glass.  There was a slightly oily mouth-feel and it was full-bodied but refreshing.  If you like a good chardonnay, I would suggest you may enjoy this wine and style.

Verdejo with various pinchos
If you are looking for somewhere to have a laid-back lunch or a light dinner, relaxing with a wine as Leederville hums around you with its slightly hipster vibe, this is the place.