Sunday, 11 May 2014

Revisiting White Burgundy

On Day 7 of my 30 Wines in 30 Days, you may remember that I branched out from my comfort zone of Australian wines to taste a French Chardonnay.  Well, I had actually bought two wines from the same winery, Domaine des Deux Roches, to allow for a comparison.

So recently, feeling slightly thirsty, I decided to crack the second bottle.  This one was the Domaine des Deux Roches 2012 Saint-Veran Rives de Longsault. Being the southernmost region of Burgundy, the Chardonnay produced in Saint-Veran tends to be fuller in body than other regions producing white Burgundy.   

This was definitely suggested in the bright gold colour and beautiful smell of peaches and nutmeg that jumped out at me from the glass. I also enjoyed the creamy texture but was less impressed by some green/stemmy characters. On the other hand, perhaps this was a hint of mineral or 'flinty' aroma, which the French call pierre a fusil, and is a common characteristic of white Burgundies.  Still, some good crispness which was nicely mellowed out by oak usage.