Friday, 9 May 2014

Wrap Up of 30 Wines in 30 Days

Thank you to everyone who has followed me on my 30 Wines in 30 Days.  
What a ride it has been!  

Some days presented me with more interesting wines and experiences than others.

Some days I was privileged to enjoy sharing a bottle of wine with family and friends.

Some days I drank my wine alone at home.

Some days I struggled to find a suitable or convenient point in the day for a glass of wine.

Some days it was difficult to find a wine I wanted to try, depending where I was.

But every day I enjoyed the challenge and the opportunity to learn something new, practice my wine sensory analysis and put this into words.

Here are some of the little gems I have learnt from consuming and analysing 30 Wines in 30 Days:
  • How to ensure wine was not wasted when opening a bottle without intending to consume the contents in one sitting.  (This involved some creative cooking and also the use of a Vacu Vin, which I have found to be very handy indeed).
  • There is a reason that Champagne can be so expensive and I can now see why some people are willing to spend exorbitant amounts for the best.
  • As hoped, a greater appreciation of the differentiation between styles of wine and wines at different price points in regards to length, body and balance. 
  • It is possible to maintain a healthy lifestyle whilst enjoying a glass or two of wine each and every day.
  • People in the wine industry (in general) are very approachable and willing to assist with learning more about wine, irrespective of previous experience - just ask. 
  • Many people believe that they cannot  identify different aromas in a wine, primarily because they are intimidated or worried about being wrong.  Once they realise that everyone has a unique sense of smell and taste and just give it a try, it is surprising how the experience of drinking wine can take on a whole new level.  

Throughout April, I have not just been sitting around drinking wine each day.  I have also been developing options for my ongoing foray into the wine industry.  So what is next?

1. WSET Level 2 Award in Wines and Spirits

I have just signed up for this eight week program, which will involve my attendance at a two hour session every Monday evening, followed by a final exam to achieve the internationally recognised accreditation.  

2. Working at wine tasting events

I have arranged some volunteer work at various wine tasting events that will be occurring over the coming few months.  I hope that this will provide me with some unique learning opportunities in regards to hosting wine events, wine presentation and education. On the plus side, I will also have to opportunity to taste some really nice wines for free!

3. Vintage in Canada

I am very excited to announce that I have been accepted for a vintage at Road 13 Vineyards in British Columbia, Canada, starting early September!  This will be my second vintage experience and will allow me to further develop my skills and understanding in the area of wine production, whilst learning about a lesser known wine producing region.