Monday, 9 June 2014

Champagne and Celebrations

Life is hectic. For everyone.

Sometimes it is hard to make the time to catch up with friends, but when you do, it is always worth the effort.

Having been a very slack friend recently, I decided it was time we hosted a weekend BBQ at our place, no particular reason, just to catch up.

I was excited there would be a few champagne lovers there, giving me an excuse to crack open a bottle I had been saving (my husband doesn't have much interest in champagne).

Good Company and Good Champagne

That morning, I managed to find a reason other than just 'catching up' to celebrate. I am excited to announce that, as of this week, I will be taking up a part time Cellar Door Manager role at a winery in the Perth Hills! I have been blessed to be offered this wonderful opportunity to expand my knowledge and understanding of the wine industry whilst spending a few days a week living and breathing wine.

On that note, back to the wine of the day:  
It was a House of Arrras 2001 Blanc de Blancs.  For those less familiar with this winery and the Blanc de Blancs style, this is a Tasmanian sparkling wine based upon the Chardonnay grape. House of Arras are known for using the traditional method of Champagne production, with extensive time spent on lees ('late disgorged').  They claim that 2001 was one of their best vintages of the decade for them.  

I could not believe how fresh, crisp and clean this sparkling still was after 13 years. The tiny bubbles had a dance party in my mouth, interspersed with some grapefruit and fresh sea spritz, backed up by some creamy nuttiness.  

This wine was an excellent expression of Tasmanian, or cool-climate sparkling.  
Even my husband enjoyed a glass!