Sunday, 27 July 2014

Cider and Snags

Although wine is my first love, sometimes I need a night off. Whilst flicking through recipes to find one for my husband's fly-in night, I stumbled upon the instructions for Pork Sausages with Cider Lentils.  It sounded like an inspired combination and I was sold.

Now, what to match with such a dish but... cider of course! Luckily, we had two 'left field' ciders lurking in the fridge that we needed an excuse to discover.  I definitely did not want to waste these in the cooking, so I grabbed a cheaper, more straightforward version from the liquor store to use in the dish.

We started the meal accompanied with a glass each of the Thistly Cross 'Whisky Cask' Cider (6.9%). Thistly Cross is an award-winning producer of farmhouse cider from Scotland. As per its title, the particular specimen we enjoyed was aged in old Glen Moray whisky casks, resulting in subtle hints of oaky whisky flavour - but not too much to overpower the crisp red apple flavours of the drink.

Our second matched cider took us back to Australia. From a tiny former Copper mining town called Burra, Thorogoods are making magic with their exceptional range of cider styles including sparkling, dry, sweet, apple wine, apple stout and apple beer.  According to their website, their products have "...been exported to Texas, Vancouver, the UK and even the Australian Antartic Station". I think those people down in Antartica would have enjoyed the Apple Stout we were sipping, with its 12% alcohol to keep you warm but enough spritz to counteract the bitter, coffee notes synonymous with the stout style.

Cider and Snags
I should mention that these ciders were selected with the expert assistance of the friendly staff at Mane Liquor. If you are willing to step up your price point for a good brew, they definitely have the best selection on offer in Western Australia. Plus, they are right near the airport, which is nice and handy if you travel for work.

If you are keen to try cooking Pork Sausages with Cider Lentils, you can find the recipe on (one of my favourite go-to cooking websites) here.