Friday, 6 November 2015

A Matter of Taste

It's easy to question why it's worth bothering with decent wine glasses. If you're anything like me, no doubt you've experienced the frustration of chipping your nice glass on the sink tap whilst washing it up and - Crack! - that's that (or maybe you have more exciting reasons for smashing your wine glasses).  

In recent years, I have been introduced to a wonderful range of wine glasses which take away the pretension (and expense) that can be associated with glassware. They cut to the chase of simply ensuring your wine tastes at its best. Even better, the range is Australian designed and owned and is reasonably priced to boot.

Being Australian themselves, the designers were obviously in tune with our inherent love of the outdoors. So besides their vintage and handmade vintage ranges of beautiful European crystal glassware, they also have an outdoor range. These unbreakable polycarbonate glasses are perfect for picnics, fishing trips and backyard barbecues. You can check out their range of glassware here.

Plumm's philosophy is based around the principle that:

'Using the right wine glass can mean the difference between a good glass of wine and a great one'

So if you've just splashed out on a decent Champagne for the festive season or there's a bottle of red you've been saving for a few years just asking to be opened, no doubt you want to ensure you can maximise the enjoyment when you do open it.

Did you know that properly designed wine glasses enhance the taste and smell of a wine by ensuring the volatile compounds are directed to the back of your nose, where you sense them as various flavours? 

I'm excited to announce that I am now selling Plumm glassware through my business. Come along to one of my upcoming events to see what all the fuss is about (event details on my social media pages).