About Me


My passion for wine has grown with every passing year since I have been able to drink it. Whilst working as a chemical engineer in the mining industry, I expanded mywine interest as a hobby: starting a wine collection and travelling to wine regions in Australia and Europe.

With a move to Western Australia for work, I suddenly found myself tantalisingly close to winemaking areas. Eventually, I took a leap of faith, left the mining industry and took up a cellar hand position for Vintage 2014. After my first vintage in Australia, I worked as a Cellar Door Manager and then headed overseas to the beautiful Okanagan Valley for my second vintage. I also completed WSET Level 2, passing with distinction.
Vintage 2014, Okanagan Valley, Canada
The enjoyment I experienced from engaging others through the appreciation of wine, both in the written word and at tastings, soon lead me to the conclusion that I wanted to become a wine communicator.


'Vine to Vintage values the unique character of each bottle of wine and each taster's palate'

I value the unique identity of each and every bottle of wine. I do not discriminate based upon price, region or ownership. A wine speaks for itself when it is true to terroir, when the subtle influence of the vigneron brings out the best expression of the grape variety and character.

Similarly, I acknowledge that every wine drinker has a unique palate, based upon their background and where they are on their own wine journey. For this reason, the opinion of every wine taster is valued, as is their desire to learn more and enhance their drinking experience.

Whilst advocating for local producers and small scale production, it is also recognised that there is an important place for the larger producers who provide pioneering research and spread the knowledge of wine regions to the greater population.


My wine appreciation and education business, Vine to Vintage, was born out of a desire to empower others to explore the world of wine and enhance their wine drinking experience. This is achieved through:
Guided tasting events focussing on regionality and grape variety
: Education experiences tailored to different levels of knowledge  and interest
: Distribution of quality, reasonably priced wine
: Sale of quality wine drinking accessories

If you are interested in engaging the services of Vine to Vintage for your next function or to improve the wine sales of your licensed venue, contact me: vinetovintage@gmail.com